The Price of this Tiny House Might Surprise You!

The Price of this Tiny House Might Surprise You!

There are so many beautiful homes out there, but when you are looking to purchase one, you tend to get a little bit more specific on the things that you like or don't like. Here is a 766 Sq. Ft. Cottage With Garage And Basement. This cottage style smaller home, is located in Columbus, Ohio and was up for sale for just under $200,000. That is an excellent deal for a house this size and when you see inside, you will even find it hard to believe that a house this nice, could sell for that little. The housing market and real estate industry can be a tricky thing to figure out. Everywhere you go, there are different prices on houses, and they vary from region to region. For example, you wouldn't even be able to buy a condo for this price in Los Angeles, California, or even Vancouver, Canada at this time. This has to do with how high in demand housing is in a place, and how well the economy is doing as well.

So sometimes, if you can't afford a home in a city, you can go to surrounding districts and be able to see that you can afford a smaller home in that area instead. You can stay close enough to a city you love, but you don't have to be right in it. This beauty of a home has already sold, but its always fun to look inside houses to see how they have been decorated and designed. It gives us some inspiration for what we would perhaps like in our own home. This home was built in 1946, when people were still building fairly modest homes to live in after the second world war. People were just coming back from a time when many of the men in the country had been at war, and so having a house this size was possible. It wasn't until the mid 1950s that houses started becoming larger.

This house is picture perfect, and looks like it has been well looked after over the years. It looks like it may have been a flip project, or a renovation project. The entire interior looks like it has gotten a modern update, with freshly painted walls and trim. The doors look original, but like they have been painted with a fresh coat of white paint. There are some really great features in this home, including the arched door ways within the home. It really gives the home a little bit of fun character. The arched entrance way into the kitchen is covered in nice glossy white subway tile, which is an interesting way to create a feature wall or feature entrance. It looks quite sharp actually. The kitchen is done in this nice, fresh and clean looking tile that always looks great in kitchens and bathrooms. It looks modern, but still has a very traditional feel to it too.

The kitchen is any home chef's dream. With all new stainless steel appliances, and great cabinetry throughout, this kitchen would be a joy to cook and bake in. There is also plenty of granite counter space, and a great double sink, with a dishwasher as well! The bedrooms are a great size as well, with nice large windows to let in plenty of sunlight to cheer up the room. The bathroom is very fresh and clean looking as well, with all new additions and a nice bathtub which is always wonderful to have. A laundry room is shared as a workshop space, which is very nice, and give a little bit of space to tinker around. Its also very nice that the basement is finished, and they show it being used as a work out space and spare room. There is even a garage and the yard shows great potential! What a steal of a deal that some one was able to snag!

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