The Price of Solar Power Just Dropped to an Incredible New Low Again

The Price of Solar Power Just Dropped to an Incredible New Low Again

More and more people are making the choice to switch over, or to use solar power when it comes to their homes power source, with solar power you can free yourself from monthly hydro bills and become more self sufficient. "The Price of Solar Power Just Dropped to an Incredible New Low Again," great news for a more environmentally future.

The price of solar power has dropped to an incredible record low price, for solar project bids for the second time this month. This news comes from NV Energy a utility company serving the state of Nevada. They have signed a PPA to purchase electricity from the 100 MW Playa Solar 2 power plant at a low price of $0.0387. The previous recored was set this month in Austin, Texas. With solar barrier cost barriers being broken at this rate, it is a good sign that we are looking toward a greener future, one with less reliance on fossil fuels, and a future with renewable energy sources, great news.

This excellent weblog is devoted to future of design tracking innovations in technology practices, and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future. There are many ways to make a home more cost effective, whether it is through passive solar heating, rainwater collection, using sustainable building material and of course solar energy. Some people choose to use a wood stove to heat their home, using wood found on their property, by moving towards a more energy efficient lifestyle you cannot only save money on you're monthly bills, but lessen your reliance on the whole grid system of living, thus becoming a more off grid lifestyle. Whether it be downsizing to a small home or a tiny home, or using solar panels these decisions will reduce your carbon footprint, which is good for the planet.

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