Studios and lofts are rising in the market these days and are selling fast. For some reason, a lot of people find living in them more reasonable than being in huge spaces or mansions by the hills. Theres nothing wrong with living large, but if you want to be practical, getting a studio seems to sound just right. With the right designer and architect, anyone can turn a simple small space to something that looks grand even when its just a studio or a loft.

In search for some inspiration that binds our point here, we found a granny loft that was turned into something that looks like a vacation house. An Australian family thought it would be a good idea to have their loft, as a space as to where their grandparents living abroad could stay whenever they decide to visit them. It serves as a private area for their grandparents, but its still linked to their main house.

The veranda and the deck link this loft to them and its cool how it was arranged that way. The skylight helped make this house looks less small, since light passing through it during the daytime made the space look wide.

Kudos to the architect who worked on this little house, especially when he also connected the kitchen and the living room. When you see it from the inside, you can assume that he knows how to save space. We love how he turned the kitchen counter into shelves and a sitting area at the same time. Like we said earlier, the architect knows how to work on spaces and making every inch count.

From here you will see the advantage of hiring a professional architect to work on your small house. Go ahead and visit the Small House Bliss' website for more information.

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