The Perfect Way To Utilize Unused Space: Concert It Into A Lush Log Home!

The Perfect Way To Utilize Unused Space: Concert It Into A Lush Log Home!

When the children grow up and move out, many times parents are left with an empty space that was previously filled with their children and the children's belongings. What do you do with that now empty space? How about turning it into a lush backyard tiny home? Once this couple's children grew up and moved away, they were left with a tired old garden shed and yard that was no longer filled with children playing. Framing the shed with metal, the couple trained ivy to climb and enclose the old shed. Surrounded by plants, blossoms and trees the shed is now cocooned in a beautiful and lovely oasis. Adding large windows to the shed and a bright yellow glass plate door, the tired old shed has become a focal point in the garden. It is used as a workshop and with a few tweaks in design could easily be made into a guest house or tiny home.

The author of 'Tiny House Websites' is a lover and enthusiast of all things tiny house. Searching the web daily for "Tiny" sources, pictures, articles, opportunities and videos, new ideas and inspiration are posted regularly. Like the lush backyard tiny home. You can check out numerous books, e-books, videos and more, all related to tiny house living. Are you thinking of making the transition to tiny house living? Check out the 10 questions you should consider before "Going Tiny". Want to see what living in a tiny house is like? Take a video tour of a tiny house. Do you have access to reclaimed wood? You may find this backyard tiny house built from reclaimed wood inspiring. So to the tiny house on stilts. Whether you are looking for ideas, inspiration or just simply curious, 'Tiny House Websites' is a great place to get started.

There are advantages and challenges to living in a tiny home. Some of the benefits are a more energy efficient house. There is considerably less cleaning and maintenance. With less space it is cozy and intimate. There is also the benefit of no mortgage or a very, very small one. Less space can also be a challenge, particularly if you are living with others. It means a lack of privacy and if you need your own space, well there isn't much space to choose from. With so little space for storage, one must constantly be assessing what you own and what you bring into your space. For tips and ideas on how to live in a tiny home like this lush backyard home, visit 'Tiny House Websites' or follow the link below.

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