The Paonia Yurt, An Affordable Home Around $15,000

The Paonia Yurt, An Affordable Home Around $15,000

According to Karen Matthews of Mind Body Center at the University of Pittsburgh, quoted on Taking time away from work and routine allows the body to replenish and repair itself. Vacations are a great chance to take a short or long break away from work and see the other side of the world while enjoying time with family or friends. For others, vacations actually do not boost happiness after the trip however, as they have to deal with the stress again of returning to work after the break. It's too bad that some people have such stressful jobs, but sadly it is a reality for far too many. Many workers in countries around the world don't even get vacations, they just work all of the time. So people who get paid vacation should feel very grateful for it.

Taking into consideration the effects of having a vacation, according to 2005 study conducted by Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin, published in the Wisconsin Medical Journal and reported on Women who vacationed less often than once every two years were more likely to suffer from depression and increased stress than women who took vacations at least twice a year. Therefore, vacation is very essential even only once a year and dont forget to include it in your planner. We need to take better care of ourselves and if we don't book ourselves time off to do the things we love to do, like traveling, no one else is going to take charge and do it for us. This is why people are given vacation days for a reason, especially if they have very highly demanding jobs.

You might want to discover the beauty off Paonia Yurt at Southwest Colorado, which is situated in North Folk of the Gunnison River and include it in your travel bucket list. The property drifted above and below the Yurt for about a quarter of a mile situated along the rivers edge. This would be an ideal nature retreat... Imagine taking advantage of the beautiful landscapes surrounding this yurt and venturing out to do some hikes or nature walks. Elk and deer, red tailed hawks, eagles and blue herons are most likely to be seen, as they all reside near the property or directly across the river. You will feel at one with nature, and come back home feeling more relaxed than ever. Amenities in this cozy and affordable shelter includes air condition, heating, kitchen, bathroom, free parking, hot water, hot tub, a fireplace and most especially pets are allowed. It can cater for up to 4 persons with extra mattresses and would only cost you $165/ night.

A yurt would be a really fun place to vacation in and try out sleeping in. Yurts like this one have been used since ancient times, especially by the more nomadic people who moved around a lot and needed a place to live, so they would just carry it with them in pieces and then assemble it when they arrived to their destination. Now, people use them for many purposes. For a guest house as you see here, or as a studio for yoga, or workshops. It would be like sleeping in a fancier version of a tent, with a nice bed in it. This one is quite large too, and even has a fire place in it, with a living room that has a sofa and chairs. What a beautiful place to be able to stay on vacation, to rest, relax and enjoy some time in nature surrounded by peace and quiet. Check out more of the photos on the website!

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