The Opera Camper, A Luxurious Private Suite On Wheels

The Opera Camper, A Luxurious Private Suite On Wheels

Many people are looking for a comfortable, high quality experience for their vacation getaways, something unique, modern and at the same time cosy, with so many tiny houses, gingerbread cottages, RV's, log cabins and motorhomes, there have never been more choice than there are today. "The Opera Camper, A Luxurious Private Suite On Wheels," is gorgeous and sure to be a popular option once more people see them.

The Opera Camper gives a whole new meaning to the world of tent trailer camping, I have to admit as I get older I prefer staying in a small cabin, tiny house or log cabin for my holiday rentals, but when I saw this unique tent trailer I was immediately hooked. This tent trailer is perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable, high quality experience with many modern features. The Opera Camper is cozy, with a compact kitchen with stainless steel sink with a mixer face and pull out faucet head, modern electrically adjustable slats and mattresses with two comfort zone for perfect sleeps, an easy stroke transforms two separate beds into a double, high ceilings, fold out patio, awning and floor pot lights. This Opera Camper is a must see, with lots of photos on the site.

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