The Only Thing More Beautiful than This Log House Is Its Location (Click for Floor Plan)

The Only Thing More Beautiful than This Log House Is Its Location (Click for Floor Plan)

This Lakehouse 2 Log Home has all the log home features that you can't help but love! With its three car garage, exposed beams and trusses, stonework, and lots of windows its log home living at its best. This log home was built by Golden Eagle Log Homes. With so many log home companies out there, its difficult to know which one to go with. Each one offers something a little bit different, from the types of logs they use to the way they build the log home. For starters, you will want to do your log build homework, and find a company that shares your log home vision and dream. Golden Eagle Log Homes is a family run business that grew from a successful building supply company. Then in 1966, Wally and Marlace Parmeter founded the Golden Eagle Building Center in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. With the knowledge that they had obtained from building conventional framed homes and an in-depth understanding of the building products industry, the Parmeters decided to pursue their dream of building a log home, a log home that they would raise their family.

The Parmeter family went through the whole process of building their log home, from individually selecting the trees from their property and carefully cutting and drying the logs to their preference. The Parmeters, then, began the construction on their log home after a year of careful preparation for their log home. This log home construction did not go unnoticed by people who passed by. They were approached by people who were impressed by the quality craftsmanship and beauty of the log home. This dream of a log cabin led to the Parmeters to a small side-business, which began providing several custom log home packages to people.Then in 1986, Wally and Marlace decided to pursue their love of log home construction by officially founding Golden Eagle Log Homes. Their sons, Jay and Tod Parmeter, cleared the land, built the shop, then purchased and installed the machinery necessary to provide the clientele with the personalized log homes of which they had dreamt.

There is something to be said about a company that starts from the ground floor and builds their company up. Knowing that the Parmeters pursued their dream of building a log home to raise their family in, lets you know that they are passionate about what they do. You know that this is a family who loves log homes, and you also know that they know the whole process from start to finish that goes into building a log home. They also know what it is like to live in a log home, which is important because when you go through the entire process, you learn what you would and wouldn't do differently, and that helps their customers in the end. On the Golden Eagle Log Homes site, you will find a wide variety of log home packages to choose from. You will find log homes and log cabins to suit most any lifestyle and need. With log home packages that are under 1,500 square feet, and log home packages that are over 2,800 square feet. and everything in between. Whether you are looking for a log home to live in full-time with your family, or you are hoping to build your dream vacation log home on a piece of property beside the lake. You will find the log home of your dreams on this site. You will want to take a look at the extensive log home gallery you will find on the site with all sorts of log home designs, plans, and sizes to choose from.

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