The Olympic T Log Cabin

The Olympic T Log Cabin

Log homes and cabins are lovely to live in, and such classics when it comes to residential architecture. The Olympic T Log Cabin can be purchased from Amish Cabin Company a log kit company out of a Kentucky Amish farm. Log building is nothing new, The Swedish brought the concept of log building when they first started settling in North America. The Amish people have also kept a continuous tradition of building things out of natural materials, and so they also build cabins and homes out of the best quality logs and timbre.

All of their cabins and homes are a very traditional log cabin design, and they have several different designs and floor plans to choose from. They pretty much all sit right on the foundation on the ground like the majority of traditional log cabins would have back in the day. People didn't build up their homes high on stilts back then, they were more interested in having the bare basics. it was more about survival and having the things you need for basic day to day life.

The Olympic T log cabin is special, because it is a deal they have at their company, where you can pick any 2 of the cabins you like the most and have them joined together. So you are basically given free reign to have your cabin look exactly how you want it with how much space you want and all. You can search thought all of their different cabins so you can see which 2 would work best together! Such a great option for those who want more square footage!

Log home kits are a great way to build your home or cabin and not only are they a timeless classic, they are also an environmentally conscious choice for building. The logs used in the kits from Amish Cabin Company, are white pine and the quality of them is very high, coming from their Amish sawmill. They have many different grades of building, where you can either get just the shell built, for the most affordable price, or get the deluxe, where you can have everything on the interior installed, including the bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms and installing electric and everything you need. This service obviously costs more, but it's great to just get it all done professionally. Amish Cabin Company's website has various plans available that you can look through for inspiration. You can view their log homes and cabins on the 'Amish Cabin Company' website by following the link in the description below.

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