The Off-Grid-It House Brings In The Light!

The Off-Grid-It House Brings In The Light!

I am always amazed at the way some homes manage to blend in and become one with their surroundings, designed with little environmental impact on the environment, and built to the most environmentally efficient standards. "The Off-Grid-It House Brings In The Light!", is a prime example of low impact design, before and after being built.

This vacation home located in Pioneertown, California, USA, is designed by Tallman Koch Architects. Inside you will find two bedrooms, one bathroom and a living area combined with a kitchen area, the exterior is surrounded by a vast beautiful rocky landscape. The off grid design, small house with glass walls and an open floor plan, so as to maximize the relationship between the user and the surrounding landscape while minimizing the homes impact on the sensitive site conditions. Inside there is passive heating and cooling, radiant floor heating, hi efficacy appliances, and equipment, solar photovoltaic and thermal panels. There are plenty of photographs on the website, this home blends in beautifully with its environment, in this modern and simple design.

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