The Nature Lover's Tiny Cabin for Enjoying Colorado's Winter Attractions

The Nature Lover's Tiny Cabin for Enjoying Colorado's Winter Attractions

This "Tiny Cabin With Gorgeous Views" is located in Pagosa Springs, Colorado and it could be yours for $98,900. This tiny cabin would be great for a weekend recreational tiny cabin or hunter's cabin. Located in the quaint Whispering Wood are that only has 20 home sites.

The tiny cabin sits on almost five acres. The tiny cabin has a kitchen/sink area, living area with wood burning stove, and a bedroom loft. There are lots of windows for natural light and amazing views of Square Top Mountain. There are electrical and phone hook ups near the five acre property. Or you could choose to be off grid with a generator or alternative power source. There are mature ponderosa pines on the property, that help to give this tiny cabin the ultimate privacy. You could choose to purchase this tiny cabin and property now for recreation and build the home of your dreams later. There is year round access to the tiny cabin property as the roads are maintained by the HOA and just 15 minutes to town. Wildflowers are abundant on this lovely piece of property and wildlife such as turkey, deer, elk, and bear are frequent visitors to the area. The National forest is within a short walk for all your Colorado play activities. Wolf Creek Ski area just 30 minutes away. This tiny cabin and property are a unique opportunity.

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