The Mix of Decorations in This Tiny Cabin Is so Crazy You Have to Love It

The Mix of Decorations in This Tiny Cabin Is so Crazy You Have to Love It

Sweet dreams and sweetly serene: welcome to Sweet Dreams Cabin. If you like learning about tiny houses and people who transition from large urban homes to mini house living, then youll enjoy this article about Mia Cefkin who moved from a city in Florida to this sweet micro cabin home in North Carolina.

Youll find the 1,600 square-foot Sweet Dreams Cabin nestled in the trees in the country landscape of North Carolina. This sweet small cabin is what convinced Mia and David, her husband, to retire early, pack their belongings, and move from their large Florida home to a simpler life in Franklin. The fact that Mias dear sister Elise lived nearby made the decision a bit easier because the two share the same love for eclectic dcor and design. As far as the tiny cabin design goes, the previous owners had loved travelling and painted a compass medallion in the main living area; theyd also enjoyed travelling by sea, and so many of this tiny homes architectural details have an aquatic theme for example, the marine windows and hinged storage area under the stairs. This oceanic style, of course, blended well with Mias love for beach dcor and all of the trappings she brought with her from her house in Florida. And so, the Sweet Dreams Cabin has the best of both worlds deep forest and high seas, combined.

The tiny cabin and tiny house movement is a burgeoning social movement that has been gaining considerable momentum over the past few years. The reasons for it are as many as there are tiny homes, but there are a solid few that most tiny home aficionados bear in common. Just like Mia and David Cefkin, many are downsizing their square footage and choosing smaller homes in order to simplify their lives. Fewer possessions can mean fewer worries, and a small space is relatively easy to pay for, care for, and maintain. It is also much gentler on the environment. Small houses are cheaper to heat and to provide electricity for, and for those who prefer living off the grid entirely, their size is very compatible with alternative energy sources like solar panels. If you are thinking of joining the tiny house movement and building your own tiny home, its always a good idea to do as much research as you possibly can first, and to learn from other peoples mistakes. You might also want to take a similar route to Mia and David by purchasing a small cabin, mini home, or micro house that has already been built. Consult with the current or previous owners to see what living in this particular tiny house has been like, and that way, you will have a better idea of what you are getting yourself into.

This tiny cabin article, complete with beautiful photos, comes from the Small House Swoon website where you can find gorgeous galleries of tiny houses of all shapes and sizes. If youre looking for ideas on tiny house design, tiny home designs, or tiny house interior design, this is a fantastic place to start. Also, if you are already living the tiny house life and have a tiny house to share, you can submit it to the Small House Swoon website, and, if its selected, they will showcase it here this is a wonderful way to get your tiny house out there, especially if its for sale or for rent. Finally, if you sign up for their mailing list, theyll send you the latest Small House Swoons via email whenever they are published.*

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