The Log Builders Choice Log Cabin Models

The Log Builders Choice Log Cabin Models

Many sites are popping up these days that are run by designers who are building different log homes and selling them to the public online. This particular site is actually geared towards creating custom works for people by demand, but Builders Choice Models has recently started to create unique pre made designs based on what they have found to be what people like most. So instead of shelling out the extra cash to have something that is totally original and made to order, you can save some money by getting something that is still unique but not quite as customized as other designs, which a lot of people prefer.

The price is only $6500 or best offer, so it will pay for itself in no time if you're looking to invest. This might just be a vacation home for you, or maybe you actually want to live in it long term. Either way it's a really quaint a nice little cabin that could comfortably fit 1-2 people to live in. This cabin is horse themed so there are some extra carved additions to the front of the house, where you can see little horse heads. There's also an additional two cobble stone beams at the front, as well as the chimney is the same look. The wood they chose to build this particular home is pine, so it's nice and light in color to make the inside seem a bit bigger.

The full details are on the site, and the original design was built back in 2009 but they are still available to purchase through the distributor. If you want to learn more about this Builders Choice Models log cabin, then all you have to do is click on the link below and you will instantly be redirected to the "Rustic Nature" website.

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