The Kitchen... The Living Room... OH MY, The Interior of This Timber Frame Barn Home is Something ELSE

The Kitchen... The Living Room... OH MY, The Interior of This Timber Frame Barn Home is Something ELSE

If you are into unique and interesting homes, check out this lovely 26x55 Ponderosa Country Barn Home. Barn homes are more popular than you might know, which may seem odd to some people who know barns to be a shelter for horses, chickens, cows and pigs, and also used as storage for farm equipment. Barns have usually always been constructed out of logs or wood since these materials tend to have strength and durability. Wooden or log-built barns can last over one hundred years, and there are log structures from five hundred years ago in Sweden that are still standing today. Wood is known to be able to withstand the elements, making them great for any type of climate. Even if an old barn is being taken down, the wood can still be salvaged and used to create other items like photo and art frames and furniture.

This 26 by 55 foot Ponderosa Country Barn house is one of the many barn models from Sand Creek Post And Beam. This is a company that builds and manufactures barns for farms, barn homes and barn cabins. Sand Creek Post And Beam uses post and beam timber farm construction which is a great option for larger structures like barn houses. The barn houses like you see here, are pre made for convince. The company pre manufactures the barn houses in the factory and then packages them up, once packaged the barn house kit can be shipped out to the building site to be built for the customer. Some people choose to build the house themselves, and some choose to have it built for them. It is quite similar to building a log home building kit actually.

The photos on their website show us around the inside of this barn house so you can see just how beautiful the interiors can be. With the high ceilings, the beautiful wood and timber work and all of the little details, this barn house is not at all what most people would think living in a barn looks like. The floor plan is very open and feels like a log home or chalet more than a barn. The leather sofas and the modern style decor really adds the homeyness of the barn house, and makes it feel just like any home on the inside. The kitchen area a great combination of classic old farmhouse style and new, contemporary style. The cabinetry flows with the wood panelling on the walls, and the stainless steel appliances really update the kitchen space. There are even some galvanized metal accents on some of the walls which is a current industrial chic trend that also looks quite rustic. All of the windows really add to the space and open it up to the beautiful scenery surrounding the house.

So if you were worried that the inside of a barn would look more like a place for pigs to live, you will be pleasantly surprised with how modern and sleek the design of this barn house really is. Sand Creek Post And Beam is a company in the United States that has been creating barn homes for people over a decade. They also have an online catalogue which is available right on their website, and you can browse through the different barn homes they have built over the years and get an idea of the different styles they offer. Barn building packages have actually been available to purchase and build since the early 1900s, and now they aren't just for housing farm animals and supplies. Check out this Ponderosa country barn house and all of the other barn houses available on the Sand Creek Post & Beam website.*

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