The Internet is EXCITED About this Absolutely Gorgeous Tiny House!

The Internet is EXCITED About this Absolutely Gorgeous Tiny House!

You will want to take a closer look at this absolutely gorgeous tiny house design on wheels. There is so much to love about his tiny cabin on wheels. From the lovely shade of blue on the exterior to the upstairs dormer for added space, the double door and loads of windows to let in the natural light. This tiny cabin on wheels looks especially cozy, and you will enjoy getting to see the owners travel with their dog to beautiful and scenic locations across the country. It goes to show that a tiny cabin on wheels can be more than just a home, but a cozy place to use as a home base while you travel. The upstairs loft provides a great space for sleeping, and the tiny cabin on wheels has everything this couple, and their dog needs to live comfortably.

Before you consider tiny cabins on wheels purchase you want to be sure and do your research, so you know all you need to know about the tiny house design that you are choosing. Tiny cabins on wheels are a great idea if you want to have a home that you can take along with you. Tiny houses on wheels are also good you want to move the house around on your property so you can take advantage of passive heating and cooling that depends on the season. There are four different types of trailers that you can build a tiny house design on. Tiny cabins on wheels are often considered recreation vehicles (RV), but they aren't built the same as an RV, with most tiny cabins on wheels offering more quality building materials and designs that are suitable for all season living. You also want to know the weight of the tiny house on wheels before you tow it to the location you want. You need to make sure the v-class hitch is right for the weight you will be pulling.

If living in tiny cabins on wheels is something that you are thinking about, you will want to do your tiny house research beforehand. You will need to know where you can park and live in your tiny cabin on wheels. Depending where you live there will be specific zoning laws with regards to tiny home designs. Zoning laws may differ from one municipality to the next, and can even differ from one part of the city to another area. You always want to know the exact laws before you build your tiny house design. You want to be prepared to either move where you can have a tiny house on wheels or consider lobbying the government to make changes. You want to know things like if you can legally park on the property you are considering, and whether or not you can live with your tiny home design full time throughout the four seasons. You want to know the local zoning laws and whether they permit accessory dwellings like tiny cabins on wheels and if so what the minium requirements for square footage are for these homes.

This tiny cabin on wheels can be found on the "Facebook - The Best Little House in Texas" site. This site journals a couples tiny house building process, every step of the way. Seeing how this couple built their tiny cabin on wheels is an inspiring way to see how other people are building their tiny house designs. This couple built their tiny house design on wheels to live a more sustainable life, to travel more and to spend time in amazing places across the United States. **

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