The Hawaiian Way to Build an A-Frame

The Hawaiian Way to Build an A-Frame

If you are daydreaming about tropical cabanas and island paradises, then we have just the thing for you to see! This Tropical A-Frame House is the epitome of island relaxation... One look at this cabin and I bet you are already envisioning yourself there, with a nice, fresh coconut in your hands. Places like this are wonderful to book as an accommodation to stay in instead of a hotel or a resort. They are so simple and back to basics, which is all you really need when you are staying on a beautify tropical island like this. This A frame cabana could be on an island in Hawaii, or maybe it is in the Caribbean. There are great places to stay like this one in pretty much every tropical place you travel to. They really make for a lovely haven to relax and let go of all of your worries... For some, they might seem a little too primitive, but I think they are nice and rustic, kind of like a log cabin that one could stay in when visiting Canada or the United States main land.

The patio at the front would be a lovely place to relax, and would be the perfect place to lounge outside and enjoy the sunshine and views of the ocean. The perfect place to enjoy a meal or maybe even every meal of the day. Its hard to say what would be available in this particular cabana, since there is not much information about it, only the photo. It could have all of the amenities that a normal house has, like a bathroom, running water, a toilet, a shower, a bedroom, maybe even a little kitchenette. It definitely would have a bed in it at least and would be the perfect accommodation for a couple or a single person and would make for a very rustic, down to earth accommodation where you can feel close to nature, but still have modern day comforts that you are used to back at home. Some of these types of cabins can have ceiling fans or air-conditioning to make the high heat more bare able. Sometimes accommodations like this don't have a private bathroom, but a shared showering and bathroom facility. They sometimes won't have kitchenettes, so that you are prompted to eat out at the local restaurants to help their economy.

When traveling, it is so important to purchase things from the local people, who actually live where you are traveling, this is how they make their money so they can feed their families. Usually the prices they charge are fair as well, and you get to try so many amazing and different kinds of foods that you would maybe have never tried before. This is what makes traveling a great experience, when you interact with the local people and see what life is really like lived in the community. This cabana gives you a chance to see a place through a different perspective, rather then just staying in a usual hotel. I love all of the native plants that surround the cabin, they make the surroundings look so lush and beautiful. The a- frame cabana is really well built too, and has a really, fresh and clean look to it. In the more tropical places, you notice a lot more people using these palm leaves for the roof materials, which acts as a wonderful and natural material for homes. Yet. look how modern the home looks as well. This would be the perfect place to wake up in the morning and go for a swim in the ocean, to walk along the beach at night and enjoy the stars in the sky... Check it out and have a little day dream!

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