The Gute Shepherd Hut

The Gute Shepherd Hut

A Canadian company, Gte, recently designed a prefab trailer-like hut that is suitable for use as a small home, office space, or guest room that serves as an off-grid getaway or even to a full-time home for the really dedicated!

Its not designed to hitch to a horse or a truck - rather, its meant to be movable fixture in the backyard, the front lawn, or whatever open area you have in the property. This "moveable addition" is ready to serve as a guest room, a home office, a place for the kids to play or a place to hide your bowling trophies. With many customizable options, this tiny getaway comes fully furnished with tiny house-sized furniture! All-in-one!

Your own Shepherd Hut: this is an unique turn-key living space with untold potential. This tiny prefab Shepherd Hut is a picturesque time portal to the 18th or 19th century. The Shepherd Hut's old-fashioned look was made possible becuase of Gte's careful attention to detail and creating hand made furnishings - the brass sink is even forged by local brass-smiths. Inspired by the traditional huts actual shepherds used when tending to their flock, the Gute Shepherd Hut brings that old-fashioned aesthetic that will make your backyard feel like you just crossed a portal to a timeline from over a century ago. The wheels are even made with cast-iron!

They come with many additional features: brass sink, electric hurricane lamps, power and even a fireplace!

To top if all off the best "off-the-grid" addition is: A robust solar power system c/w panel, inverter, and battery bank.

The off-the-grid house movement has inspired people around the world to go greener and adopt a simpler lifestyle, but simple and green doesn't have to mean sacrificing your actual dream pad. Get a look at The Shepherd Hut - a mobile, modular, and prefabricated cabin, child's playhouse, studio, and home office which finally offer definitive proof that size doesn't matter.

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