The Great Western Style Barn Home with an Interior So Amazing You May Cry

The Great Western Style Barn Home with an Interior So Amazing You May Cry

An awesome barn house with The Great Western Style we know and love. Barns are not just for pigs and horses anymore, now people are choosing to take that classic barn style and use it for building a house with some western flare. Barns have been built for centuries to keep all of the farm yard animals like pigs, cows and horses safe and to also keep the farm machinery dry and safe in more recent days. The style of a barn can vary depending on the farm it is on, but most barns throughout history were built with a very distinct style. Everyone knows a classic barn by the type of roof it has, this type of roof is called a gambrel roof and it has two different pitches which help to keep moisture away from the barn. Many people have used this gambrel style of roof for their homes as well instead of using a conventional roof with one angle. The gambrel style roof adds so much character to the home and gives it a totally different look. The barn style houses not only use the gambrel style roof, but they use other aspects of barns as well, like the big sliding doors that you see in barns and the tall ceilings. So these barn houses really do look like a barn on the outside, but on the inside they look like a lovely log house.

There are different ways to build a barn house including building it in a timber post and beam style similar to how a log house would be built. The strongest timbers are used in the construction of the barn house so that the large structure is structurally sound and able to last a very long time. Usually the timbers will be placed, and then the outside walls are constructed with more wood. Usually the interior walls are constructed out of wood panelling as well, which really gives the home that rustic barn feel, yet it is clean and looks modern at the same time. The furnishings inside of a barn house are usually either quite traditional yet modern, or sometimes people go with more of a rustic modern farm house style that is so popular these days. With some modern lighting and plumbing, these barn houses look really luxurious inside, much like log houses with the wooden panelling inside the house.

Uncle Howard's Gorgeous Wood Barns is a distributer of these barn houses. The barn house kits come fully prepared to be built and are delivered onto the building site. You can build your own barn house yourself with some help from others, or, you can have it built by a contractor for a smooth, stress free process. The barn house plans come in many different styles, shapes and sizes and the clients work with their in house design and drafting team. All of the plans from Uncle Howard's can be customized to the client's preferences and needs and they are all able to be customized to be energy efficient. There are even options for the barn houses to be mountain ready for snow and cold, or ocean ready for all of the harsh winds that come with living by the ocean. The options of the frame can also be chosen from post and beam, as well as stick frame and structurally insulated panels, or a combination of the different options. Siding options to choose from also range from cedar siding to stone and log siding and the foundation can be a monolithic slab, stem wall, or post frame. Check out the beautiful options on Uncle Howard's Gorgeous Wood Barns website and enjoy looking through some of his finished projects.*

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