The First Off Grid Electric Car!

The First Off Grid Electric Car!

Gas has always been the means to fuel cars ever since it automobiles were invented. And we all know that its price isnt exactly cheap, especially for those who use their cars everyday driving long miles away from their homes to get to work. It would create a huge change in the society if gas werent just the only way to keep our cars running. And the great news is that its finally happening since solar energy was recently discovered to be able to power up a car.

According to a published article from the New Economy magazine, a fully autonomous solar car now exists, although it is not yet available in the market for the public to buy. Catecar is the company behind this cars production and they named it Dragonfly. It is small and light that its cabin weighs only 35 kilos, and its all because of the modern materials that the company used.

Flax is the main material used to build this car, and a lot of people would say that it is not safe for car production. The company, on the other hand, defended it and said that flax is a molded composite that is sturdier than steel, plus the Swiss came up with this idea so that means it cant be that bad.

The Dragonfly is not just promising when it comes to the matter of saving money for gas, but helping the planet to fight climate change is also going to be its huge contribution to this society. The solar autonomy of this car ranges from 5km to 7km per hour of sunshine. The world is indeed going to be a better place once the company starts making this available for public consumption.

If you want to know more about this amazing innovation in the car industry, check out the website Catecar below.

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