The Fab Lab House... This is Unbelievable!

The Fab Lab House... This is Unbelievable!

Wow, the Fab Lab House is truly unbelievable, not just because of its incredibly unique architecture, but also because of what this design has actually been proposed for!

The designers chose wood over steel as the prime building material for the Fab Lab. And their reasoning was simple! As a solar-powered structure, it must be made out of solar-based material. Trees grow by the light of the sun, so it totally makes sense for a house like this to be built from them. Secondly, in comparison to steel, wood is easy to manage, can come in smaller bits, and is relatively lightweight all perfect bonuses for what the Fab Labs intended for.

And fab isnt just an abbreviated form of fabulous, although it does apply in this case! The designers suggest it be built from pre-fabricated wood in which all the basic building blocks are laser cut from a large sheet of plywood. After they have been cut out, they can be stacked and easily transported to the building site where each section can then be fit into place. Almost like post-modern, life-sized Leggo made out of super wood!

And the clincher? The Fab Lab House was designed as a kind of production laboratory! For what? Promoting the concept of printing 3D items from the Internet such as the Fab Lab House itself! Technology is advancing rapidly in the 3D printing area, making such wildly sci-fi ideas more and more tangible. In the near future, computers can easily be attached to a 3D printer that can print anything from a vase to a bed to a dolls house. For larger items, like the Fab Lab House, the building blocks will be printed out then fit together wherever you wish for it to go.

For more details about The Fab Lab House and more amazing photos please visit the Apartment Therapy website below!

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