The Exterior of This Home Is an All-Time Favorite, but What's Really Great Is Its Layout (Click for Floor Plan)

The Exterior of This Home Is an All-Time Favorite, but What's Really Great Is Its Layout (Click for Floor Plan)

The Charleston Log Home Plan is an absolutely beautiful log home plan coming to us from the archives at My Wood Home. My Wood Home is an excellent source for people who are looking to purchase a log home building kit. There are so many different companies out there to choose from so when a website like My Wood Homes makes it so incredibly easy by compiling all of the best log home floor plans in one place, you have to check it out for yourself. The My Wood Home website features log home building companies like Timber Block which is the company the Charleston log home plan is from, and other companies like Coventry Log Homes, Appalachian Log Structures Inc, Expedition Log Homes LLC, Golden Eagle Log Homes Inc. and many more. They feature log home building kits, log home floor plans and information on steps to take when building a log home. A wonderful website to keep in your Bookmarked websites while you are in the process of creating your dream home.

The Charleston log home is a gorgeous, colonial style log home that you wouldn't even know was actually a log home. This is because the logs that have been used in this log home build are shaped to look more like siding than the rounded logs we are used to seeing on typical log houses. As technology advances, there have been many new products available like manufactured logs that are a laminate version, a square shaped log using the heartwood of the log, which is the strongest part of the tree. The Charleston is a part of the Vintage series of log homes, which is why it has such an old fashioned look to it, perfect for anyone who really loves that old traditional American looking home. The home looks very welcoming, finished in a nice robin's egg blue with white trim and grey accents. The porch is a beautiful wrap around porch, which is seen a lot on colonial style homes, giving the house that friendly welcoming appeal. The dormers on the building also are a key aspect of traditional style building features, and look lovely worked into the architectural design of the home.

This home features four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms, with an amazing 2,618 square feet of space to live in. An ideal household for a larger family, all of the extra space would be much appreciated by all of the members of the family. The kitchen, dining room and living room are all conveniently located within close proximity to each other which makes for easy flow and access to each of the rooms. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms are located on the upper level, as well as a nice office space that could also be used as another bedroom or a studio. The master bedroom is located on the main floor with a great sized bathroom and easy access to the main area of the home. With the patio being an extension of the house, it gives the dwellers ample opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors from the comforts of their own private patio.

You can find many more lovely log home floor plans like this one on the My Wood Home website, make sure you browse around and check out the wide range of unique floor plans they have to offer. Log homes are a wonderful investment to make, and they create a living legacy for the families that own them as something that can be passed down and enjoyed generation to generation. And with how environmentally sustainable they are, you can feel good about living in a log home.

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