The Easiest Way to Build a Log Home without Going Broke

The Easiest Way to Build a Log Home without Going Broke

If you want to be debt free, yet would like to own a home, a small modular home for a small family would be perfect for you. These days many people are finding it hard in this economy that seems always to be fluctuating, to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. One where they can afford to live in a house of their own, as well as have a fun life doing the things they love to do. So many people choose to purchase a smaller home, opting for quality of life over the quantity of things they own. Trading in a massive debt for freedom and enjoyment in life.

A home like the small log home you see in the photo accompanying this post would make a lovely little home for a small family to live in. Smaller modular homes like this one can be found online actually. The modular, prefabricated homes like this one, can be purchased in the form of a kit. All of the pieces are already pre-assembled in the company's warehouse, so that when the customer receives the package, everything is there, ready to set up. Sometimes, if it is a smaller log home like the one you see here, it could be easily put together by a few people working on it in their spare time, to be ready in a short amount of time, depending on the-the complexity of the unit. A smaller modular home kit could cost around $5000 - 10, 000 for the starter kit of the home. Usually, companies will include things like the windows and the doors, as well as the roof and some economical shingles with the package so that what is called the shell of the home, will be complete. The shell of the home, is just the exterior of the home, with no electrical, and no plumbing installed, no insulation, and no interior walls or finishings, like cabinets, sinks, bathtubs, etc.

There are companies that do offer what is known as a turn key modular home kit option, where everything is finished and ready to move in and use. Some prefab home kit companies even offer furniture in their packages so that the customer can just move their personal belongings in. But if one is on a budget, the simple and basic log cabin and home kits are a good place to start. As you can see from the photos from Fordizoo, you can pretty much find any type of home as a modular home as there are companies out there willing to work with you and design your dream home to your specifications. It just requires some avid research on your behalf to find the small home manufacturer that will collaborate and assist you in creating your dream into a reality.

There are log home and small home building companies with kits for a more modern looking home, such as the home in the second photo. It is a very simple looking home, with not a ton of fancy bells and whistles. But the home looks so chic with all of the clean lines and beautiful minimalistic design. A design like this one could very well be easily formatted into a small modular home kit by the right manufacturer. There are even small home builders that will work on turning something like a silo like you see in the last photo, into a fully functional home. Or turning shipping containers into homes. There are more and more companies who wish to reduce the environmental impact the housing industry can have on the environment, by reusing or repurposing items and making them into homes. Check out these small modular homes that are unique and interesting!

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