The Custom Features Added to This Barn Made It a Piece of Art of Its Own

The Custom Features Added to This Barn Made It a Piece of Art of Its Own

You will love this beautiful Pine Hollow Barn home design! The custom features are endless, with stamped concrete floors that resemble old hardwood flooring, three piece crown moldings, six custom horse stalls, all wood interior with exposed post and beam timbers, along with custom solid core doors with rustic hardware.The interior of this apartment barn isn't the only part that looks good, the exterior offers up timber trusses on both ends, pine soffits for all of the overhangs, clear cedar on the upper level, log siding on the lower level and Pella windows throughout. You will want to take a closer look at this stunning barn home build.

The apartment barn leads out to an exotic hardwood deck that overlooks the owners' private lake. This elegant apartment barn with living quarters upstairs is a good example of why DC Builders is Oregon's premier barn builder.Choosing to build a custom barn on your property is an exciting decision. To start, you will have to decide what style of barn you are looking for. As a timber frame barn builder, DC Building can help in designing and customizing your dream timber frame barnTimber frame barn structures use fewer, and larger wood posts and beams than a standard construction build. Timber frame barn structures offer increased stability and are the perfect type of build for barns. Exposed beams and open floor plans are one of the thigs that people love about barns. DC Building prides itself on using quality timber. They only use the highest quality of wood, combined with their top-notch workmanship to build your dream barn.

Another advantage of timber frame barns is the fact that they can be built quickly, without compromising the quality of the structure. They work together with each client to design their barn build, from the layout of the barn on the property, to the floor plan, to the final finishes.When it comes to building a barn home, there are all sorts of details that you might want to add. Some of the barns feature you will hear about include Monitor barns. These are also known as raised center aisle or RCA barns. These barns feature a raised center section that has its gabled roof. The sides of the raised center aisle are often filled with windows to improve the ventilation of the barn structure and increase the amount of natural light inside. Gambrel barns feature two different roof pitches, one steep and one shallow. Dutch doors are another popular feature. These doors are divided horizontally, allowing the top half to be opened while the bottom half remains closed. These are a common addition to horse stalls; allowing light and ventilation into a room while keeping the animals inside.

A dormer is a structural feature of a barn or building that extends from the sloping roof surface. Dormers are used to create usable space in the roof of a building by adding headroom and usually also by enabling the addition of windows.You can use these barn builds for a variety of uses, from equipment storage, full-time living, combination barn/horse stalls, event barns, wedding barns, lake houses and more. What you choose to use your barn for is limited only by your imagination. There is a certain rustic appeal about these beautiful barn builds. These barns are built with quality wood, and they are a good example of the level of craftsmanship that you will find with DC Builders.

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