The Country's Oldest Recluse Had a Cabin Just Like This

The Country's Oldest Recluse Had a Cabin Just Like This

Nowadays, there is a multitude of cabin types that can serve as your perfect hideaway. Cabins can be built in any location and typically are surrounded by forest, on the seashores or near river banks. If you want to witness an amazing and beautiful sunsets and at the same time enjoy looking out at the water, then you will no doubt pick a cabin that is nestled by a body of water. In this regard, one worth considering cabin is the Sunset Cabin. Taylor Smith Architects are responsible for this well designed cabin, that is a highly refined variant of a 'bunkie' which by definition is a tiny cabin used to provide additional sleeping quarters to a main house.

When you are outside, you might say that this particular cabin is a bigger version of a bird cage. But when you are inside it, you will be mesmerized with its interiors. The fact is, this particular cabin has a unique construction. It has a rectangular shape, and its living roof will help out a lot in concealing your hideaway. This 275 sq.ft. cabin is more spacious than most. There is space for a full-size bed. Storage is built in under the bed.

There are closets where you can organize your wardrobe. It also has a small sitting area where you can relax and have a cup of coffee while reading a good book. This cabin also features a wood stove.

The shower is located outdoors where you will enjoy a superb view of the lake. The cabin has an inside composting toilet. Best of all this Sunset Cabin is properly insulated, giving you a great and stress-free living experience year round. The use of birch plywood for the interior, with built-in furniture provides a modern appeal to this hideaway. Check out Small House Bliss website below and be captivated!

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