The Colorful and Audacious Tiny House

The Colorful and Audacious Tiny House

It is so incredibly inspiring to keep seeing all of the amazing things every one is doing these days! Now that we have the internet it makes it easier for us to have a glimpse into another person's life and see how they made their dreams manifest into reality and so it inspires us to maybe do the same. Instagram is a wonderful social media platform for this all in itself because people are able to show you a glimpse right into their lives through a series of photos. I find many posts and photos to be very inspiring and interesting, and I, myself enjoy posting my photos and moments of my life for others to see.

This photo the link leads you to, will show you the tiny house of Meg, Brandy and their little boy. They plan to travel around in their sweet and charming 24' House on Wheels that they got from Tumbleweed, a major manufacturer of tiny houses. It looks like their larger 3000 + square foot house is up for sale and they seem to have down sized to the smaller home for their amazing North American adventure tour! They are currently still building their new home they plan to live and travel in and things seem to be going along smoothly it seems like they are almost finished!

You can follow the link and check out their cozy home in the many photos they have posted on their Instagram account and there is also a link to their website that you can follow to find out more information about their home and journey. What fun that will be for the whole family and such an awesome way for their sun to spend his youth!

Head on over to 'Instagram' by following the link in the description below!

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