The Cheap, Affordable Way To Have Your OWN Log Cabin In Less Than A Year

The Cheap, Affordable Way To Have Your OWN Log Cabin In Less Than A Year

When people find a good way to build something, why not keep on building it in that same way, with the same materials? This is why log homes have been built over history and are still one of the best ways to buy a home. Check out this beautiful Log Cabin Pioneer Style, from Shawnee Structures. Shawnee Structures is based out of Pennsylvania and caters to the east coast. They offer an array of beautiful log cabins to suit anyone's needs. From cabins that are suited for single occupancy, to large family dwellings, they really have it all. The Pioneer log cabin, is a beautiful log cabin kit that could be perfect for one person or maybe a small family. It looks very similar to a lot of the homes that the pioneers would have built when they first came to North America. This particular home starts at 22 feet by 30 feet, costing around $74,700. This option would get you a smaller cabin, but still has two bedrooms which would be fine for a small family. In the largest version, there two bedrooms on the main floor, with lofts above them, and lots of living room and kitchen space, as well as a great porch on the front of the house. The largest one measures 28 feet by 52 feet, costing around $145,200 with three large bedrooms. It seems like it could be the perfect vacation cabin, nothing fancy, just a cozy and sweet cabin. Or it could be great for a permanent residence too, depending on how large you want your home to be. It would be the perfect sized recreational property, where you and your family could come to enjoy winter activities, or summer activities. Shawnee Structures has many different log cabins and log homes to choose from and it is really worth taking a look at them all.

Log homes have been made even before the pioneers started to settle on the land when they first arrived from Europe. The indigenous tribes have been using logs to build a variety of different things. They used logs for buildings, tipis, canoes, totem poles and for many other things. The Swedish people then brought their techniques of building with logs from their homeland, and used their knowledge to build homes and buildings for themselves when starting out in North America. The indigenous people and settlers alike, made use of the materials they could find in their immediate environment, and so trees, since they grew so abundantly, were one of the best resources for building. Fast forward to today, and people still love the look and the strength of a home or a cabin built with logs.

So, you can truly see why log cabins are such a great go to for residential and recreational dwellings. People have a lot of trust in log homes since they have been around for so long. The logs are of a superior quality making them perfect for building homes and cabins. The structures built with logs can stand over 100 years, so you know that they can stand the test of time and stand up to any weather. Log homes are a great place to gather and to live. The sustainability of log homes far exceeds the sustainability of conventional dry wall and wood framed houses. Logs are one of the most natural, and sustainable building materials out there. Plus, they also have a very high thermal mass, meaning they can keep in the warm air, usually much better than the drywall houses can. Check out this great home and others on the Shawnee Structures website.

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