The Cadillac of Tiny Homes Has One Seriously Amazing Feature (Hint: It's In The Bathroom)

The Cadillac of Tiny Homes Has One Seriously Amazing Feature (Hint: It's In The Bathroom)

Tiny houses, tiny houses, Oh the miracle of tiny houses! It never ceases to amaze - what can be done with just a small amount of space, and the moment you think youve seen every possible tiny house design, a new one comes along and knocks your socks right off again. Like this one! Located in La Conner, Washington, and built as a sweet little getaway in the Maple trees, Hope Cottage is a described as a wee B&B on wheels with all the fine luxuries of home.

With multiple, well-placed windows illuminating its gorgeous, all-natural wood surfaces, Hope Cottage boasts a simple, efficient kitchen space, a warm cozy living area, and a sizeable sleeping loft at the top of the stairs. The bathroom includes a toilet, sink, shower, and whats more it also comes with a FAR infrared sauna with the works, for all of your rejuvenating pleasure! Weve seen a lot of things in our time here on Earth, but this is the first tiny house weve seen with a bona fide sauna. Wow, when can we visit? Or even better when can we move in?

If you like, theres also wi-fi access, a BOSE sound system, and a television with Chromecast to keep the kids occupied while youre taking it easy. Ingenious space management turns the sturdy, accessible loft stairs and the waterproof sauna bench into hideaway storage areas. Space, space, and more space just what will we do with it all?

And Hope Cottage is indeed on wheels it can be toted and planted by the beach or in a campground or just about anywhere you like, but for now its nestled in the trees near the garden shed, waiting for its next guests to replenish themselves there.

To learn more, please visit the Tiny House for Us website below.

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