The Cabin Home That's More Luxurious Than Some Mansions!

The Cabin Home That's More Luxurious Than Some Mansions!

Many more people are turing to log homes and getting log home building kits to build their dream houses. Check out the Beautiful Lighting in the Lancaster Premium Home for $150,395. This is another great design from eLog Homes. They are a great company that can offer people simple building plans and kits with materials for affordable prices. Comparing it to how much it costs to buy an average, pre-existing home, these kits seem like they might be a better way to go, especially if you want something that will be more personalized to your specifications. eLog Homes is a company that can bring you log home kits and plans at affordable prices, with good service and quality materials.

The Lancaster Premium log home kit is a beautiful design and has everything a person needs in a house and more. The light that is let in through the beautifully set windows that cover the whole face of the house, let in tons of natural sunlight and allow the house to be lit naturally and heated a bit by the sun. This saves on energy costs and helps you to save your money for other things. This home features 2 bay windows that extend the space in the house, giving you nice nooks to put a sofa or a couple of chairs.

This home is a one level house, equalling a total of 2312 square feet. It has 3 bedrooms and 3 and a half bathrooms, making it wonderful for a family of 4 or maybe 5. The bedrooms are all one one level with everything else, which makes it nice having no stairs. The master suite even features a private patio which would be lovely to sit out on. The home is a pretty basic and typical lay out, like you would find in a normal home, making it great for people who just want the basics. The living room and kitchen is what the house is centered around, making it again, a great family house.

Log home kits are a wonderful way to build. Not only do they look beautiful, but the logs used in the kits usually come from sustainable tree plantations, where the trees are grown specifically to be used for log housing and other log building projects. eLog Homes' website has so many different plans available to suit the different preferences of people. You can see The Lancaster and their other log homes and cabins on the 'eLog Homes' website by following the link in the description below.

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