The Blair Atholl Log Cabin is a Totally Inexpensive Little Cabin with Floor Plans!

The Blair Atholl Log Cabin is a Totally Inexpensive Little Cabin with Floor Plans!

Have you ever wanted to buy your very own log cabin with an old-fashioned Wild West style that really brings out a sense of rustic Colonial charm? In this incredible Blair Atholl log cabin, you can get everything you want in your log cabin home just the way you like it with the highest quality eco-friendly logs and materials shipped from Europe used in its construction. With a tongue and grooved windlock design, it is better at protecting you from the elements than most cabins, and even has the option to add different colours and styles of roof shingles. It also offers an eco-friendly way to get rainwater through using gutter and downpipes to collect water in a barrel for use in a garden or just to water houseplants. It also has the option available to unload it via forklift unto a foundation base of land that should ideally be as flat as possible to ensure the structure stays intact. Finally, the best part about this log cabin is the fact that you can customize it to perfectly match your preferences. In fact, you can even customize your porch, extensions, canopies and more while keeping it within your budget to achieve your ultimate outdoor log cabin experience.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time in summer camp living in log cabins for months at a time every summer in the beautiful New England countryside where my camp was located. I always loved the rustic outdoor feel that log cabins give you, that sensation that you are on the frontier of an unexplored land and the excitement of roughing it in a more natural environment far away from cities, pollution and congestion. Many of us look back and miss our childhood experiences similar to mine of a simpler time and place where life wasn't so fast pace and spending time with other people was the most important part of life. This gorgeous log cabin would help anyone get back to Nature while still granting modern high quality design and extra features to truly make this home away from home your own unique treasure.

See this incredible Blair Atholl log cabin for yourself, and start thinking which unique customizations you would add to your very own idyllic log cabin. Please click the link below to the Log Cabins website for details, a price list, and more fantastic log cabins.

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