The Best Way to Experience Tiny Home Living without Commitment or Buying

The Best Way to Experience Tiny Home Living without Commitment or Buying

If you are into the idea of tiny houses, but you aren't too sure if you would be suited to live in one full time, why not try renting one first? This fabulous Micro House in Cedar Park, isn't the smallest of tiny homes, but if you have never lived in anything that was smaller than four hundred square feet, it may be a form of downsizing for you. The sweet little home in Cedar Park, in Seattle Washington, is the perfect way for someone who might be thinking of building or purchasing their own tiny home, to downsize before making the jump to a super tiny home under two hundred square feet. Tiny homes on wheels cannot be longer than 41 feet, and cannot be wider than eight feet and six inches. The height cannot be taller than thirteen feet either, so there are guidelines that must be considered.

The reason tiny houses on wheels must fit into these guidelines is because they have to be on a trailer bed, and in order to manoeuvre them without having to pay for a permit, these are the legal restrictions. Also, to get insurance for them they must be within these perimeters. The Micro House in Seattle however, is 360 square feet, and has plenty of room for a single person or a couple. The smaller home has one nice sized loft bedroom and one bathroom with a all in one laundry unit. So no more trips to the laundry mat, or having to share laundry machines with other tenants. The house looks awesome from the outside as well. It is very modernly designed, and has a funky artistic vibe to it with the turquoise blue or teal coloured accents with the dark brown paint and the natural blonde wood that the house is made up of.

A beautiful patio is the perfect place to enjoy relaxing and to have some lovely plants. Put out a patio set and enjoy meals outside with friends, watching the sunsets and the incredible views of the water below. The house is perfectly perched up on the rocks, giving the dwellers this beautiful view that would make living here a pleasure. The amount of windows installed into the micro house, give it so much light and openness, turning the 360 square feet into feeling much much larger of a space. Windows are always a great thing to add to a smaller space, as they really help to expand the space. Windows can be an investment, but if it means being happier in the home, then it is a worthwhile purchase.

The kitchen is also a gorgeous feature of this small house rental, with a gorgeous stainless steel, full sized refrigerator and stove, plus a microwave, it is larger than most apartment kitchens, with plenty of cabinet space and counter space to create beautiful meals. This home would be a pleasure to live in for so many reasons, and you would probably have the most interesting home out of all of your friends. The monthly rent for the small house is $1,145 per month, which isn't too bad for in the city, especially if it is for two people. The renters would have everything they would need and more, plus, a lovely yard with flowering trees surrounding the home. What a great rental opportunity to experience tiny house living, without having to give up all of the space one might be used to. Have a look at the photos and see what you think. Tiny house living is really making a huge impact all over the world, so go and see what all of the fuss is about. Enjoy the lovely photos of this great tiny pad!

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