The Best Way to Dine in Nature without Having to Leave House

The Best Way to Dine in Nature without Having to Leave House

Log homes have always been a popular style of home, they have been around for centuries, and can be durable, comfortable, eco friendly, rustic and sustainable. This "Patio Dining Area," is another example of what you can do with a log home design.

One of the reasons we love log homes so much, is they fit in so well with their natural environments, like a mountainside, beside the lake or in the forest. Having a patio dining area on your log home, is the perfect place to dine out while enjoying the natural scenery. A covered patio dining area is better than eating out, you don't even have to leave the house. A covered patio protects you from the elements, and can offer a place to sit and eat even when it's raining, or snowing for that matter, if you can handle the cold! A patio dining area is a great way to add character and value to your home, it is an investment that you will be happy you made, as it will be used more than you could imagine, a perfect place to entertain family and friends, and enjoy sunny days, with a bit of shade.

Golden Eagle Log Homes has been around since 1966, as a family business started by Wally and Marlace Parameter, the business started as a building center where the couple gained their knowledge by building conventional framed homes and received an in depth understanding of the building products industry, it is then that the couple decided to pursue their dream of building a log home, one in which to raise their young family. The family individually selected trees for the log home build from their own property, and carefully cut and dried each log to their preference. After a completing their log home a year later, people couldn't help but notice the quality craftsmanship and beauty of their log home. This is when they opened a side business, the rest is history.

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