The Best Tiny HomesThat Make Simple Living Stylish

The Best Tiny HomesThat Make Simple Living Stylish

Tiny homes and small homes have been gaining in popularity over the last few years, with more designs, styles and plans than ever before. "The best tiny houses to simplify your life," is just a glimpse of the of the amazing tiny houses out there.

With so many tiny house designs and plans available it helps to look at other tiny house ideas for inspiration, the following are just a few of the tiny house designs you'll find on this site, some of them include; a tiny New York cabin in the woods, a tiny cabin designed to be used as a summer home by owner Scott Newark, the tiny house was built from reclaimed wood, it is a two level tiny house, measuring 14 feet by 14 feet, with a stone patio to take in the beautiful lush surroundings, located in Yulan, New York; this next tiny house is like nothing I've seen before it is a floating wooden Exbury egg house, designed by PAD Studio and Stephen Turner, the Exbury egg shelter is a tiny house that floats on water, made using boat building techniques, the tiny house has a small stove, shower and a bed to sleep in, the electricity is generated from solar power.

The Eagle Point tiny house was built to blend in with the natural surroundings, it is a small cabin located on San Juan Island, Washington, the tiny house has a green grass roof, and has beautiful views. The Porter cottage tiny house located off the coast of Maine, was built by Alex Scott Porter Design, the island is devoid of technology, so the home is an off grid house that uses a catchment system for water, solar panels for excess power and a composting toilet. You'll want to look at the sight for more great tiny house details and photos.

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