The Bedroom of This Modern Cottage Is Going to Give You Chills

The Bedroom of This Modern Cottage Is Going to Give You Chills

This small cottage "HILL MAHEUX COTTAGE" is located in Val des Monts, Quebec and built by Kariouk Associates. This small cottage is a modern living space combined with stunning views of the surrounding forest and lake.

Outside of the small cottage is bright red with black trim and lots of straight lines. Inside the small cottage is modern and clean lined, with concrete floors, what looks to be copper on some areas of the small cottage, a modern kitchen with light wood cabinets, black metal stairs to the upstairs bedroom that has a unique curved ceiling. One area of the house has windows on all sides, with some that slide right open to the outdoors, this area has lots of seating and feels like it is part of the surrounding landscape of trees and beautiful lake views. The open dining/living area is modern with a fireplace to keep it cosy. This small cottage is a must see, one of a kind tiny house space.

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The tiny house or small house movement is growing in popularity with tiny house designs from all over the world. People are making a shift to living in small and tiny homes, along with living more simply. Living simply is a way of reducing the amount of possessions and stuff a person/family owns. Living in a tiny house, means essentially that there is less space and because of this there is a need to downsize and keep only the possessions that a person/family really needs. A tiny house is a return to living in smaller sized homes, which typically means living in a house that is way less than 1,000 square feet. One popular type of tiny houses is tiny houses on wheels, a modern version often compared to RV living. Downsizing into a tiny house can be a way to save money on heating, taxes, maintenance, building costs, and repair costs. For many people buying a tiny house or building a tiny house, means that they can afford to own their tiny house outright, and in doing that they can afford to do more of the things they enjoy from traveling, pursuing hobbies and passions.

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