The Backyard Studio

The Backyard Studio

If you're a writer, we're quite certain that you will appreciate this space that we are about to feature. So as early as now, we would like to say, You're welcome. But before you completely thank us, might as well read this entire article because this will surely inspire you to write even more. We have to warn you that this also might cost you a lot if you plan to put up something like this on your own. The architecture and the materials used here all high quality. We would like to say the price is reasonable for building a backyard writing studio.

Located in a suburban area in Decatur, Georgia; this writing studio is so captivating that any professional writer would be more productive with their craft and would find themselves writing more decent materials. The ideas wont stop flowing when you have a peaceful and serene place to work at. The size of this space is 450 ft2 (41.8 m2), and it already comes with a sitting area, a cool workspace, and a little library. This is not a house, but its still conducive for dwelling.

It has a lounge, and it has wide windows, so you wont have a problem gaining natural light. If you want to work privately with strictly no one to disturb you, this place is perfect. This is a studio doesnt have to be solely for writing. It can also be used as a retreat area for family.

This studio is fire-proof and harmful insects cant be found here because of the Cypress finish that the architect included in here. It was a bit burned, and that is why it was dark in color. It was all intentional so that it would also be resistant to rot.

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