The Art Of Building A Tiny House On A Budget

The Art Of Building A Tiny House On A Budget

I think many people would be surprised at just how amazing small house designs have become, it is possible with a small house, no matter how small to incorporate a modern look and feel, while still having a space that feels open and spacious. "The Art Of Building A Tiny House On A Budget," is a great lesson on not only building a small space with an appealing aesthetic and modern look, but building a space on a budget.

The builder Andy Pluta, had a vision when it came to building a space in his backyard that could be used both as an artists studio and a guest house, when friends come over. This tiny house is a prime example of when creativity meets budget friendly design. The small space has clean lines, and Andy made sure it was budget friendly, by using recycled materials, two front windows from Habitat for Humanity Restore, the door was free, the polycarbonate plastic for side, top and rear windows was found on Craigslist, the charred wood siding was created by using a blow torch (a Japanese process), cedar deck with cactus planter, modern fencing and landscaping surround the tiny house. The site has so many amazing photos, detailing the entire building process from start to finish, and showing the final look of the space.

This great website is full of amazing articles for all your home decorating and building projects, there is something for every space in your house to include the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, living room, dining room, the office space, outdoor living area, kids space, plenty of design ideas, lighting ideas, and dream homes. The Decoist is an excellent resource for all your home project ideas, big and small.

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