The Amazing Zero Emission Eco House

The Amazing Zero Emission Eco House

If everyone gets to live in a house like this in the future, then the future is looking bright! This amazing zero emission eco house, officially christened as The Lighthouse, was designed with the environment in mind. Found in England, The Lighthouse is a 2-bedroom home with a mezzanine. The pictures may suggest that it is a tall building when in actuality, the Lighthouse only stands two regular storeys tall plus a small sun deck. It has a floor area of 100 meters square.

The shape and size of The Lighthouse may be peculiar, at first glance, but that's not the only thing unique about it. From afar, the Lighthouse resembles the sail on a boat, although the designers insist that it is meant to be a sleeker take on the traditional lighthouse structure we all know and love. The Lighthouse is designed to minimize carbon emissions that electronic appliances and most houses give off, everyday. Its sleeping quarters are situated on the ground floor while the living room and kitchen, the most frequented parts of a home, are found on the upper floors. According to the architects, the unique design allows the tenants of the home to make use of the natural light in the morning, terminating the need for light bulbs and other electronics.

The curved roof of the house also has a special purpose: the swoop allows for better ventilation throughout the home, reducing the need for fans or air-conditioning, should the temperature change so abruptly.

"But eco-friendly houses are the rage these days, what makes The Lighthouse so different?"

Everything about this amazing zero emission eco house was designed to meet The Code for Sustainable Homes which now includes the new design schemes for all homes in England. Who knows, if the eco movement picks up, architects, engineers, and homeowners everywhere can look to The Lighthouse for design ideas.

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