The Adventure Seeker's Comfy Cabin for Exploring California's Hidden Treasures

The Adventure Seeker's Comfy Cabin for Exploring California's Hidden Treasures

Located in an RV Park in Cromberg California is a One Bedroom Cabin. With a wooden exterior, placed among the trees, this tiny cabin has the look and feel of a rustic log cabin in the woods.

Cromberg, California (formerly Twenty-Mile House, Taft and Teft) sits within Plumas County borders. Located on the Western Pacific Railroad, the population was just 261 in 2010, down from 290 in 2000. It was found that all 261 residents of Cromberg lived in households (none lived in institutionalized or non-institutionalized group quarters) and that these residents lived in a total of 121 households. The population is fairly diverse for such a tiny town. Although over 90% of residents were white, there were also visible minorities including African Americans, Native Americans, Asians, Hispanics and Latinos as well as a small percentage from other races. One of the few operations in Cromberg, the post office, first opened in 1880. In 1912 it closed. It was reopened in 1919 but closed again in 1931. It reopened in 1950 and has remained open since this time.

Interestingly, despite such a tiny township, Cromberg is home to Golden Coach RV Park and Pine Oak RV Park, which is where this one bedroom cabin rests. Pine Oak RV Park is nestled into one of Northern Californias hidden treasures, Plumas County. Reno is just 65 miles away, while the park is about 100 miles from Sacramento. The Feather River, which is great for fishing, is just a mile away. There are many great hiking trails in the area that lead to fantastic mountain lakes. There are also great golf courses nearby. The park is landscaped and holds hundreds of pine, cedar and oak trees. Along with RV sites, the park also has tents, a tepee and a cottage for rent. That cottage is the one bedroom log cabin nestled among the trees.

The cabin itself is only 320 square feet in size, but boasts amenities such as air conditioning, heat, hot water, wireless internet and a fully functioning kitchen and bathroom. Although there is only 1 bedroom, there is a pull-out sofa bed, making the little log home suitable for up to 4 occupants. It is part of the tiny house vacations movement that took steam from the tiny house movement, a social and architectural movement that advocates living simply in smaller houses. While many people are purchasing small homes (which are typically under 1,000 square feet with those under 400 being referred to as tiny homes) to live in, many others have started building and purchasing small and tiny homes as rental units for extra income. This one bedroom cabin is only $60 USD a night, making it extremely affordable compared with the typical hotel or motel stay. And being only 65 miles outside of Reno, or 100 miles outside of Sacramento, the price is well worth the extra miles, especially if youre vacationing for a longer period of time. But the price isnt the only selling point. This little one bedroom cabin is located in a park that is both beautiful and quiet, providing its occupants with a peaceful, relaxing retreat.

What is so great about tiny house rentals is that it gives renters the opportunity to experience tiny home living without the scary commitment of selling, downsizing and learning to de-clutter and distinguish between luxury and necessity all at once. These little home-away-from-homes are the perfect chance to try out tiny living for yourself. This little one bedroom cabin makes it easy. Almost too easy.

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