Ten Essential Tools EVERY Garden Needs To Have

Ten Essential Tools EVERY Garden Needs To Have

What are those ten must have tool? There are so many tools to choose from. Quality matters in gardening tools. These tools are going to work hard with you so invest in the best you can afford to start and they will last you much longer.

Here is a list of important tools every gardener will need.

1. Spade

A spade with a square head and a short handle is a good choice when you are edging and digging planting holes and needing to remove small amounts of soil from an area. Choose a spade (shovel) that has a steel head. You want good footrests on the spade as well as a nice sturdy wooden or fiberglass handle. If you spend money on a good quality one, it will last you for years.

2. Hand Trowel

You will be spending a great deal of time working around your plants. A hand trowel is small, so you can get in close. If you get one that is very cheap, it will likely 'bend' when you really put it to work digging and transplanting.

3. Hoe

A hoe is used a great deal, and there are many types of hoes. The type you select will depend on if you are growing vegetable and you need to get the weeds between the rows, or if you are working in your perennial garden loosening the soil.

4. Bypass Pruner

This pruner will become your best friend for so many jobs in the garden. You will deadhead, shape shrubs, prune your roses along with a million other uses. Buy a good quality pruner. Also these will need to be sharpened. Make sure you invest in a pair that can be easily cleaned and sharpened.

These are only four of the important ten on the list.

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