Take a Look Inside and See What 5500 Sqft of Log Home Chalet Living Looks Like!

Take a Look Inside and See What 5500 Sqft of Log Home Chalet Living Looks Like!

Are you looking for the perfect log house getaway, or maybe some log house inspiration? Take a look inside and see what 5500 Sqft of Log Home Chalet living looks like! The beautiful Eagles Nes cabin is located in California, by a lake called Big Bear Lake. The Eagles Nes cabin is actually right on the lake so you can enjoy all of the great activities that the lake can provide like swimming, fishing and even boating. This vacation spot may not be too far away from you either if you are close to California. Big Bear Lake is situated in Southern California so would be a great spot to go if you lived in any of the southern cities or were visiting Southern California for a vacation. With life being as busy as it can be for many people these days, its really so important to take If you are thinking of building a log house of your own, then it would be a great way to see what living in one really feels like.

All of the Big Bear Cabins look incredibly warm and welcoming. The log and timber construction alone is just magnificent and truly shows off the care that goes in to log home building. This log house is also quite spacious having over 5000 square feet of space to enjoy while staying there. The log house also has great outdoor space including a nice, large patio for lounging. You can just imagine relaxing in one of the chairs on the patio enjoying a cup of tea, looking out over the gorgeous view of the lake. You and your friends or family could also enjoy eating your meals out on the deck together. There is nothing better than eating outside in the warm weather. The lake us just footsteps away where you could go for a swim every morning or afternoon in the heat of the day.

This is a beautifully designed log house that would be a pleasure to stay in. And with six bedrooms and five bathrooms there is plenty of room to accommodate multiple people. It would be a great place to rent for the whole family or for two families to enjoy spending time all together. It would also be great for friends who wanted to plan a weekend away together to have some fun at the lake. Log houses are wonderful to stay in and even more wonderful to live in full time. This is why they are so highly regarded. The craftsmanship that goes into building these houses is incredible. All of the notches and grooves that have to be made so that the logs fit perfectly together, and all of the peeling that needs to be done. The peeling of a log's bark is usually the hardest process of all. Renting a log house or cabin would be a nice way to enjoy a log cabin temporally without having to have the high expenses of upkeep and the initial cost of building. This log house has everything you need to enjoy a short or a long stay. There are linens and towels as well as a fully stocked kitchen that can be used to cook your own meals. The living room has a lovely fire place that would be great to use on those chillier nights. There is even an outdoor hot tub to enjoy. Check out more information and photos of this awesome cabin.*

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