Take a 2-day Class & Learn to Build the Best Log Home for the Least Amount of Money

Take a 2-day Class & Learn to Build the Best Log Home for the Least Amount of Money

If building a log home is something you've ever considered, you'll want to take a look at this log home article; Mark And Doris: Building Together. The Log Home Builders Association offers workshops on log home building for all levels of experience to take. The site has lots of photos of the beautiful log home that this couple built on their own, after taking one of the workshops.

You will be amazed at the photos of the log cabin that couple Mark and Doris built on their own; it's stunning. Their log home is two stories high and has a bit of a rustic look to it. The design has lots of windows to let in natural light. A beautiful bathroom with two sinks and a claw foot tub, and stand up shower. There is a master bedroom and two additonal bedrooms, and an upstairs loft space with an extra bed and couch. The kitchen in Mark and Doris' log home is nicely done with white cabinets that look great against the wooden interior of the log house. The kitchen is a nice size and has modern appliances.

Most of the log homes that the students go on to build are built by everyday men and women who have never built anything in their lives, let alone a log home on their own! Building their log homes was made possible by taking this world famous two-day log home building class. The two-day log home building class is for anyone who thinks they would like to build or buy a great log home for the most affordable price. You can read more about their log homes on the site. They show you the right way to build a log home of your own from scratch, without using any log cabin kits or log home package. The two-day workshop shows you how to build a log home that is not only low maintenance, but that has no problems with settling like log home kits typically do. The nice thing about this two-day log home building workshop is that the money you can save by building your log home.

The Log Home Builders Association an educational association that is a nonprofit that teaches people without any building experience to build their real log home by themselves. The Association does not work with any commercial or kit log home builders; they only work with other log home owners and builders who are truly interested in building a log home on their own. The Association teaches their butt and pass method of log home building, which is a good way for owners/builders with little or no experience to build a log home. This method of log home building is a lot less skill-oriented than other types of notched styles. Building your log home, also means that there is a lot less settling of the logs than if you were to build a log home from a log home kit.

This method of log home building is a quick and affordable option, that is also durable, requiring a lot less log home building skills than the other types of notched log home styles do. The methods that the Association teaches are log home code-compliant and earthquake resistant that allow them to be built in any jurisdiction in the United States, and other areas of the world. This method of log home building was developed by the Associations (late) founder Skip Ellsworth.

Building your own log home without a log home kit, is something to aspire to, and a great way to build and own the log home of your dreams. Imagine building your own log home, it's something that many people feel they couldn't possibly do, but it is possible with the right instruction.

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