Swiss Chalet Log Cabin Kit just $42,287 Click to View Floor Plans and Photo Gallery

Swiss Chalet Log Cabin Kit just $42,287 Click to View Floor Plans and Photo Gallery

This pre-assembled Swiss Chalet Log Cabin Kit just $42,287 Click to View Floor Plans and Photo Gallery is the most popular model in Meadowlark log homes designs. This is the type of log home that you could choose to live in full time, or to use as a vacation log home in the woods. This log home package design is sure to capture your heart and your imagination.

Even the name of this log home package is perfect, the Swiss Chalet Log Cabin, you can easily imagine your lovely log home built somewhere on the side of a mountain, surrounded by forests, with a nice stone fireplace inside where you can keep warm. This log home build has been finely tuned after years of log home building experience with this particular model of log home. The pricing on this log home is well priced, especially if you compare it to a frame home homes. Log homes also offer increased energy efficiency and are good at retaining their higher resale value.

The Swiss Chalet Log Cabin Kit is 26 feet by 24 feet, with 1,364 square feet of living space. On the main floor of the log cabin is 884 square feet of living space, with an open living room/dining room, a kitchen, one bedroom and a bathroom. The covered wrap around porch is also on the main floor. The upstairs loft has 480 square feet of space. There are a loft bedroom, bathroom, and the loft space opens up to view the living area down below.

Meadowlark Log Homes are handcrafted in Northwest Montana, and have a long reputation for producing quality log home and log cabin builds. Meadowlark Log Homes is run by the Miller family who is Amish Log Homes builders, with a long tradition and history in what they do. You will find a great log home photo gallery of the log homes that they produce and build, and see that they take pride in, and are passionate about what they do. The Amish community is well known for their long tradition of building timber frame barns to house their livestock and store their crops, along with building quality log homes. Many of the Amish's timber frame barns are still standing today, with many of them still being used!

The log home builds by Meadowlark log homes aren't officially labeled as a green company at the moment, but they believe that the log homes are a good environmental option when it comes to building a home. Strick logging practices of the trees and the forests where their log home trees are selected. Trees are a renewable resource, unlike many housing materials that are found today. So when it comes to building a home, a log home is a good eco-friendly choice.

Meadowlark Log Homes can help you with all your log home, log cabin and log chalet needs. They can build log homes as small as 100 square feet, to larger sized log homesteads, and log lodges over 3000 square feet. They can help you realize your log home building dreams.

What is it about log homes that we love so much? There is something about log homes that just appeal to our inner selves, maybe it's because they have been around for so long, or the fact that they are so closely tied to nature in the building materials that they use. Log homes can look good whether they are rustic and small, or contemporary and grand. It is safe to say that log home builds and log cabin kits will be around for hundreds of more years and while it's hard to imagine them getting any better than they are today, their designs are sure to improve even more.

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