Sweet & Inexpensive with the Most Amazing Little Interior

Sweet & Inexpensive with the Most Amazing Little Interior

"My Tiny House" is the cutest country tiny house you'll see! The country inspired tiny home doesn't miss a detail with its country covered porch, hanging greenery, little evergreen growing out front, surrounded by green grass, antique white color, weathered wood used on the exterior, white lights hanging from the front porch, brick underneath the house, olive green trim on the from patio, window trim, door and front steps. There are even rocking chairs sitting on the porch, along with a tiny roof.

It goes to show how carefully considered each detail on this country tiny house was, and in the end just how great a tiny house can look. Simple things like paint color, the use of plants and trees, lighting, trim color and the placing of furniture are all elements that help with the design of a tiny home. This country tiny house has so much character, it feels cozy, warm and inviting. Making a tiny house into a tiny home has everything to do with the materials you use to build your tiny home, the property you choose to build your tiny home, and the landscaping that surrounds your tiny home, together they make your tiny home unique and characteristically yours, both inside and out.

Who says the size of your house matters? It's whats inside that counts! On this tiny house site you will find all sorts of tiny house inspirations and ideas. Some of the unique tiny house photos, designs, and styles you will see on the site include the boathouse, Stone House, The Gatehouse, Black Walnut Guesthouse, small cottage, High Plains tiny house, Floating home Muskoka boathouse, The Rio Grande tiny house, Birchwood tiny house, The Treehouse by Baumbraum, Hood River Cabin, Peaceful Log Cabin, Amalfi tiny house living, Victorian Prepper tiny house, little foot tiny house, The Beach Cottage, Writer's Studio Barn, Nat and Roshni's House, house trucks, rolling house, Loras tiny house, electric bed tiny house, Collingwood hut tiny house, Koleliba tiny house, Whitby Island FabCab, Liberation tiny house, New Mexico strawbale, cob houses, campers, poorest tourist campy and more. Don't you love that all these tiny house spaces have names? You could seriously become addicted to looking at his site.

Design is about all aspects of a tiny home, whether it be a larger sized home or a tiny home. It does not matter if the tiny home is used for full time living, a guest house, a vacation home, artist studio, or writers cabin, everything that goes into a space is important. For the materials you use to build your home, to the property you choose to build your home, and how you are going to complement that location that you are in. Tiny house design just keeps getting better and better. It makes you rethink the purpose and use of our home space, from how you are going to store everything you have, to what you see when you walk into a home.

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