Swedish Cabin With Roof Top Garden And Retractable Outdoor Kitchen

Swedish Cabin With Roof Top Garden And Retractable Outdoor Kitchen

I'am always amazed at how innovative people are when it comes to how they make use of they're tiny spaces, when living small it is essential to utilize each and every space in the home, to make sure no space is wasted. This "Swedish Cabin With Roof Top Garden And Retractable Outdoor Kitchen," is a must see with its modern lines and inspiring design.

The Swedish company Jabo launched "Steps 15," a small prefab house with great design features. There is an outdoor staircase that leads up to the roof terrace with plant containers and a retractable outdoor kitchen. On the opposite side a small bench and storage room that has storage, large sliding glass doors and windows on three sides makes for a modern feel to the house. This structure can be used as a guest house, hobby room or cabin. Steps 15 is designed by architect Rahel Belatchew Lerdell.

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