Sustainability Doesn't Have to Be Sacrificed When Designing Grand Elegance

Sustainability Doesn't Have to Be Sacrificed When Designing Grand Elegance

It's always fun when you get to take a look inside a barn home that you love. This 24x52 Great Plains Gambrel Barn Home is no exception, with lots of photos that showcase just how spectacular a build this home is. This Great Plains Gambrel Barn Home was designed and built by Sand Creek Post and Beam, and it is just one of the great designs of barn styled builds that you will find. This barn home build is located in Nebraska.

This 24x52 Great Plains Gambrel Barn Home features 12 and 20-foot lean-tos on the sides, that make this barn home space all the more amazing. This barn home has a large outdoor deck; that is the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the open field and surrounding trees that the home sits on. There are lots of windows in this barn home, which let in lots of natural light to compliment the beautiful use of wood throughout the home. The exposed wood beams inside also add to the character and appeal of this stunning home. Inside the barn home is decorated with country styled lighting fixtures, quilts on the beds and country styled kitchen cabinets that look good considering the location of the home. Downstairs is an open kitchen/dining room/living room area that has lots of space. The high ceilings in the great room area of this barn home are nothing short of spectacular; they make the room feel spacious and beautiful. Everything about this barn home is perfect. It's hard to look at this barn home floor plan without imagining yourself in it!

You will find Sand Creek Post and Beam barn homes all over the country. All of the Sand Creek Post and Beam wood barn home kits feature the beauty and strength of post and beam timber frame construction that is so loved wherever you go. Their custom designed barn kits have been used for a variety of uses from full-time residences, secondary homes, lake houses, cabins, loft apartments, and combination use barn and home. These classic barn homes are rustic yet sophisticated, with the barn kits being pre-manufactured, shipped as a kit, and built to last a lifetime.Sand Creek Post and Beam use traditional timber frame construction methods, like the barns and cathedrals and barns of days gone by. The difference is that todays technology allows them to offer quarter inch custom-designed steel joinery plates to make each joint even more secure.

A topic that seems to be on many people's minds these days is the environment, and for good reason. The good news is that Sand Creek Post and Beam believes in building green. They have a deep concern for the environment and the protection of the land. They want their barns to last for generations while still ensuring that healthy forests and a clean environment will be part of their legacy. Not only was wood the traditional building material that was used for barns, but because wood grows naturally, and uses energy from the sun, it is the only major building material thats renewable, re-usable and sustainable.

Wood outperforms other building materials regarding energy use, air pollution, and greenhouse gases. Wood is also actively promoted by the USDA as a superior green building material.Sand Creek Post and Beam chooses to use Eastern Red Cedar, which is naturally resistant to decay, rot, and insects. Eastern Red Cedar also offers the flexibility of wood making it an ideal building material for high wind requirements, and earthquake safety.As part of their efforts to be good stewards and help with reforestation of the land, Sand Creek Post and Beam pledges to donate ten lodge pole pine or Douglas fir trees in their customers name when they purchase a barn kit from them.

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