Superadobe/Earthbag Orphanage Withstands Nepal Earthquake

Superadobe/Earthbag Orphanage Withstands Nepal Earthquake

You must have heard about the horrible earthquake in Nepal on May 5th of this year, such a tragic event where many people's lives were lost and others who lost their homes and are now homeless. The Cal- Earth, California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture, had built these structures back in 2006, their Superadobe/Earthbag Orphanage Withstood the Nepal Earthquake when other homes were crumbling to the ground and now they want to help out even further by making all of the eco home building information available to all people of the world so that they can rebuild and people can have homes once again.

This Superadobe/Earthbag technology was designed and patented by Cal - Earth and they teach courses in how to make these great, very durable homes. Cal -Earth is a non profit organization that is working to address and make some headway with the homelessness issues people face all around the world. These homes would be a perfect solution to helping so many people all over the world in being able to have a roof over their heads once again. They want to make their courses available online so that anyone can learn how to make their own super adobe earth bag home. Such a wonderful idea and taking great initiative in one of the largest problems humanity faces. It is crucial for people to have shelter and it is one of our basic needs as human beings.

Through this post you can find all the links to the Cal -Earth website and social media and start learning about all of this yourself. And also, pass on this great information on our social media networks in an effort to spread the word about a possible solution to homelessness. This will help to empower people and can be done very affordable, using the earth to build their homes. Head over to Cal-Earth by following the link in the description below for more!

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