Super Typhoon-Proof Dome Houses are Surprisingly Spacious Inside and cost Only $6500

Super Typhoon-Proof Dome Houses are Surprisingly Spacious Inside and cost Only $6500

Natural disasters are nothing new and they have been happening since the beginning of the Earth's existence, but with more people than ever on our planet, there are more lives at risk when disasters hit. Here is a great article about the Super Typhoon-Proof Dome Houses To Rise In Dapitan. The Philippines see devastating typhoons and hurricanes pretty much every year and with the hit of Yolanda, a hurricane that took the lives of many and destroyed so much in it's path, people are looking for alternative means of housing that will help save people's lives and keep homes and structures in tact so that the after shock isn't so brutal.

These Monolithic dome houses are also not new technology by any means. Our ancestors made these domes throughout history as a very sound and structural way to build a home or a building of any sort. The homes now will be made with basalt, that will be melted to provide the material for building the homes. Basalt comes from the Earth and the whole process will be very environmentally friendly. Basalt is a very strong material that will make these homes and building able to stand up to winds as strong as 400 kilometres per hour!

It's not just the basalt that is the strength in the homes, the over all design and structure of the home and how it is built, is the key too. Monolithic domes have the perfect lines to be able to stand up in super strong winds with out breaking or blowing away. The wind almost goes around them because of the shape they have, and the building doesn't resist the winds so it would be able to stand though it. This would be amazing to have these build all around the world! Head over to 'Rappler' for more on these amazing dome homes by following the link in the description below!

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