Style and Sophistication Don't Belong Just to the Largest Homes (Click for Floor Plan)

Style and Sophistication Don't Belong Just to the Largest Homes (Click for Floor Plan)

WheelHaus Wedge Cabin is a portable tiny cabin that was designed and built by WheelHaus. The Wedge is a tiny cabin that covers 398 square feet. The tiny house has a living room with a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom with a king sized bed! This is tiny house living at its best; you'll want to take a look inside. This tiny house is beautiful inside and out, with so many great details you'll fall in love. The living area and kitchen area are combined to create a cozy space. With a full sized fireplace to add warmth and appeal. The white walls and wood trim make this space feel open and modern. The dark kitchen cabinets and modern appliances also lend to its modern feel. The bedroom in the back has enough room for a king sized bed. The bathroom has a stand-up shower. On the exterior of this tiny house design, reclaimed wood is used, and a nice sized back patio. This tiny house sits in a nice spot, with lots of trees and it looks like everyone has a backyard fire spot. This particular tiny house has a unique cauldron like firepit and wood stump stools for hanging out around the campfire.

It seems lately we've heard a lot about the tiny house movement. Which simply means living in a space that is under 500 square feet. It also means living a more simple life, a life that is not so consumer based, a great choice for both the environment and the pocket book. If you live in a tiny house then essentially there is less space and because of this, there is a need to downsize and keep only the possessions that a person/family needs. You will find a wide variety of tiny house styles form tiny houses on wheels to yurts, cob cottages to beach shacks, prefabricated tiny houses to tiny modular homes. Downsizing into a tiny house can be a great way to save money on house maintenance, heating, taxes, building costs, and repair costs. For many people buying a small house or building a tiny house, means that they can often afford to own their tiny house outright, and in doing that they can afford to do more of the things they enjoy from hobbies, travelling, and pursuing passions.

While tiny houses have seemed to rise in popularity in the last year, they have been around for thousands of years. Tiny houses have been the norm since houses were built. With tiny house designs like yurts, gers, igloos, teepees and log cabins built all over the world. You have probably even stayed in a tiny house at some point in your life. Maybe on that family vacation up to the mountain, or when you went to Hawaii and stayed in that tiny beach shack on the beach. You'll want to take a look at all the unique tiny house designs available. On the Small Addiction Spaces tiny house site, you will find lots of tiny house ideas and photos. You'll find tiny house plans, tiny house videos and plenty more. Some of the tiny houses you will find on the site include a charming Gulf Island cabin, a tiny red cottage in Denmark, and a Pietro Belluschi small house. You can also take a look at the Wildwood Lakefront tiny cottages, Pye's beach house, the Scrumpy tiny barn, and miniotives. With tiny house names like the Atwood tiny cottage, a mobile home known as the EBS block expandable building system block, and the Libertine cottage. You'll also see a wine cellar surprise, a 100 percent recyclable prefabricated tiny wooden house, and a do it yourself tiny house and more.

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