Stunning Red House

Stunning Red House

People don't always give much though to the exterior color of their homes, maybe the house came in that color or quite often the exterior is just wood that is stained or stone which is left. I recently came across this "Stunning Red House" with a beautiful green tin roof and railing left with just a simple stain, it was quite visually appealing and made me rethink the use of color on the exterior of a home.

Color of course is all around us, and most often when we think of the interiors of our homes this is where we think of buying and using a variety of paint colors. Walk into any paint store or hardware store and you will be faced with a multitude of color options that will leave you feeling overwhelmed. When thinking about using new paint colors it is wise to go into your local paint store and pick a variety of paint swatches that you find appealing, another good idea is to look through home decorating magazines and pulling photos of colors and places that appeal to you, you can start a binder or folder with inspirations.

Color has the power to make us feel cozy and comfortable, or blue and sad, when choosing colors to paint your house, you'll want to maybe paint a swatch or area and see how it changes with the different times and lights of the day, what looks good in a store won't necessarily look good once you get it on the wall or exterior. Colors can be associated with different feelings and moods, the following are just a general consensus, and may make you feel differently, you have to remember there are so many shades of each particular color that can also change the mood.

Black is supposed to give a feeling of security; blue is known to be relaxing, suppresses appetite and makes us feel secure; brown is related to organic, early and cozy feelings; green is easy to look at for a long periods of time, it soothes pain, feels happy, optimistic, clean and fresh; purple is associated with royalty and creativity; red stimulates appetite and conversation, excitement and action; white is for purity and cleanliness and yellow is said to be friendly and happy if not looking at for long periods of time.

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