Storytelling Mushroom Stools

Storytelling Mushroom Stools

Storytelling Mushroom Stools will create such a charming space and unlike mass produced items they will inspire creativity. Just sitting on these stools gives the feeling of something a little different and whether you're five or seventy five you'll want to explore. It's that exploration that makes you appreciate the design and structure of these little beauties.

One creative movement can inspire so many others and the artisans at free range designs want you to be inspired. They desire to utilize recycled, reclaimed and ecologically sound materials to create unique pieces of furniture. This is not a new art for the folks at free range designs, quite the opposite as they've been creating these treasures for well over a decade.

The Storytelling Mushroom Stools are designed with children in mind and hopefully they make storytime just a little more enchanting. Creativity is born from imagination and imagination is often inspired from the pages of a book. Take time to read to children whether their your own or not, give them the gift of another outlook, perhaps one that is more magical and incredible than they ever could've dreamed.

Each stool is sanded to perfection, so you don't have to be concerned with rough edges, the finish gives a tactile experience that will feel right, every time. After all, what's the point in sitting within the fairy ring if you can't sit upon the magical mushroom stool. These are small components that come together to make a huge difference. Invest in a child's future and you'll be investing in our countries future well being.

I salute companies like Free Range Design who take the initiative to do something different, something created by hand born from an artistic vision without boundaries. Best of all their products are also built to last so you can pass along these pieces from one generation to the next without concern for the structural integrity.

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