STEALTH Off Grid Cabin Living

STEALTH Off Grid Cabin Living

Oh! Another beautiful tiny cabin to get us excited about the endless possibilities of tiny home living. And this ones got a cheeky little trick up its sleeve its got fold-out porches, potentially providing its inhabitants with just the right stealth for off-grid cabin living.

Its quite ingenious, really! With its porch platforms reeled in, this tiny cabin looks like a typical shed. Its totally compact and, with extra walls pulled up, its extra-insulated as well. But then when you let the porch platforms down, youve suddenly got a ton of extra space, not to mention more windows. Light floods into the main cabin and if you go outside, youve got a selection of lovely sheltered spots where you can sit, dine, and watch the sunset. This cabin, dubbed The Forresters Cabin, provides the best of all worlds. Built in 1996, the Forresters Cabin is 24x12 and was created by the Roderick James Architects Group, an award-winning company that specializes in timber houses and is now expanding into eco-homes. Not only does this cabin have a cozy little double bed alcove in one corner, it also has a kitchen, bathroom, and living area too. With all of the extra windows, it appears to have even more space. If you parked this baby in the right spot, you would have the best off-grid home anyone could ever dream of. Or, if you arent the off-grid type, it could also be an amazing guest home or vacation rental, a study nook, getaway, or even a lovely work space.

In addition to insulation keeping the cabin warm in the winter time and cool in the summer - the fold-in walls offer a great deal of extra security at night or when you are away from home. Its almost like a tiny fortress! The fold-in platforms would also provide extra shelter in the case of a storm! The stealth aspect is also very helpful! Disguised as a mere shed, potential burglars would easily pass it by, believing its not worth burgling. If you love all things tiny, you really should read the entire article over at the Tiny House Talk website, then check out the entire site theres something for everyone here. Founded in 2009 by Alex Pino, Tiny House Talk is a great resource for tiny house living. And Alex is a true expert hes lived and breathed tiny homes since 2007 when he went tiny and never looked back. Like so many of us, he wanted to cut things down to the essentials because clutter had taken over his life.

Within just two years, Alex went from a well-paid government job and living in a 1,400 square foot home to a home-based business and living in a 500 square foot apartment! Hes been exploring tiny home living ever since and reports it all back to us at this site. He also invites all of us to share our experiences so we can all benefit from the projects weve tried and the lessons weve learned. So if you really want to learn more about the tiny house movement, have a good browse through Tiny House Talk.

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