Standard KOA Cottage from $39,000 View Photos

Standard KOA Cottage from $39,000 View Photos

Here is the perfect camping cabin for those who appreciate having a bathroom only footsteps away. Here is the Standard KOA Cottage from $39,000 which you can View Photos of on the Prairie Kraft Specialities awesome website. Often it can be an annoyance to have to leave the comfort of your cozy cabin to have to use the washroom facilities. This standard KOA Cottage, is a great option to deter that. The cabin is a bachelor apartment style of cabin, with an open concept living and sleeping space and of course, the private bathroom. With the cabin kits from Prairie Kraft Specialities, the bunk bed is included as well as a double bed or a futon. They also include a log built kitchen table and chairs with the package, and benches as well as mirrors. This saves a lot of time trying to find the right furniture for the cabin, and it is great to have it all included in the cost of the cabin kit. The porch area is also an ideal place to lounge out, with an included porch swing with another bench on the other end. A beautiful place to relax in true log cabin style and comfort. It would be nice to even have a small charcoal barbecue out on the patio as well. Having outdoor space to extend the liveability of the space is essential with a smaller cabin like this one.

All of the materials needed to build the Standard KOA log cabin, are included in the package. The flooring, log walls, the porch, and the gambrel style roof with simple cedar shake shingles, that could be upgraded to asphalt or a metal roof. They also include all of the hardware, which would consist of the nails, screws and sealant. An insulation package will ensure that the cabin is well protected from the cold weather and logs themselves have a very high thermal mass, helping to keep the cold air out. All of the windows and the door included will be fully insulated, and protected. There are also additional add on's that can be requested, such as fire places, hot tubs, flower boxes, and much more.

The KOA cottages have been around for quite some time, and they are well known at the KOA campgrounds around the world, as cozy and comfortable places to stay. Prairie Kraft Specialities, has been a builder for the KOA campgrounds for many years, and they have been in the cabin building business since 1980. The company, operating out of Great Falls, Montana, has a wide range of log built items available besides cabins, they also make play sets for kids, and bathroom buildings for campgrounds, as well as kitchen facilities. The company also builds tent villages, with log protection huts to set tents up under. They also build all of the furniture that is included in their kits and sells all of that furniture separately too. Decks are another thing that they can add onto any preexisting home or cottage, and their team also works on custom interior design.

Log cabin kits make building a log cottage simple, there is no worry about having to track down all of the perfect materials, and then cut them to the right size. The logs are already fully outfitted in the warehouse, before getting shipped out to the building site. Most often, a smaller sized log cabin doesn't need all of the cranes or heavy machinery to lift the logs to build the cottage, and can sometimes be done with just a friend. All that you need to do is follow the detailed instructions!

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